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Wed 20th September, 2017
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Terms and Conditions

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Whilst The Crown Chronicles tries its utmost to be accurate and up-to-date with information, and articles are carefully checked before publication, we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or inconvenience caused by the use of inaccurate material from the site.

Occasionally human error does occur; in the rare instance that you do spot a mistake, please send an email to editor@thecrownchronicles.co.uk stating where the error was seen.

Information and images

The information published by The Crown Chronicles is factual and grounded in truth, and we will never report on anything unless there is reasonable evidence or gravitas to the story. News articles will also be related to public events or items of public interest, and not Royals’ private lives.

Pictures of the Royal Family, including children, will only be used if the person is at a public event, such as an engagement, or where they are expected to be seen by the general public e.g. Trooping the Colour, Royal Ascot. Other images, like those of a member of the Royal Family out shopping, or on private property going about their daily business, will not be used – unless it is of importance for the public to know – as this is their private life: Royals are entitled to privacy like any other British citizen.

Have images you think The Crown Chronicles might be interested in? Send an email to editor@thecrownchronicles.co.uk …We occasionally purchase high-quality images from amateur photographers!

Privacy Policy

The Crown Chronicles will always safeguard your personal information. Whenever you provide such personal information, e.g. in a contact form in order to communicate with us, we are legally obliged to follow data protection laws, including the Data Protection Act of 1998.

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In order to keep the environment of The Crown Chronicles friendly, and make it a safe place for discussion about the Royal Family, The Crown Chronicles first moderates comments before they are published. We want the discussion to be family-friendly, and the use of foul or abusive language is not allowed.

We are a Monarchist organisation and reserve the right to remove inappropriate or critical comments, in order to reflect the stance of the site. Critical comments will be judged on their merit, as to whether they will be publicised (republicanism or comments to that effect will NOT be tolerated).

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  • Hello from Finland-I am a great admirer of The British Royal Family,since 1980,so now over 36 years. I have had the pleasure and honour meet the late Queen Elizabeth,The Queen Mother,three times in London(1999 and 2001)and even chat with her shortly.I have met also Her Majesty,The Queen few times and also chat with her in Norfolk and London,and once in Estonia,when she made her state visit there,2006.During all these years I have been corresponding with the members of The Royal Family,and my latest letter came few days ago and it came from HRH The Duchess of Cornwall,and she was signed it by herself.I have now in my archiv 99 Royal letters,most signed by ladies-in-waiting and some of the old correspondence from The Queen Mother was signed by her private secretary,Sir Alistair Aird. I have also in my Royal collection,some menu-cards,and of course lot of photographs.
    I found your pages by accident(I am not good user of the computer)and now I am asking is it possible “order” your “news letter” to my e-mail and is this free of charge.I am sure you’ll understand,it is quite difficult for me follow the life of The Royal Family,here in Finland….. I do hope I get a reply from you,at the same time I apologize my English.With best regards:Mr.Pekka Granqvist