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The Crown Chronicles has a dedicated team to bring you news, history and explanations regarding the Royal Family and years gone by. Meet the team!

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The Reporters:

Victoria Howard – founder and editor

headshotHaving always had a passion for History, my fascination with the Royal Family began with that wedding in 2011. Following my step into the Royal-sphere, I became an advocate for Constitutional Monarchy, the Royal Family’s incredible work, and the British Monarchist Society & Foundation’s spokesperson.

As I complete my degree, I have continued to focus upon my penchant for the Early Modern era (mainly the Tudors and Stuarts), and will be undertaking a Masters degree in this area next year.

My bookshelves are almost as full as my wardrobe, but there is always room for more, whether that be the newest biography of a figure from the Tudor court, or a piece inspired by The Duchess of Cambridge.

Victoria’s articles

Angelo Spinola – reporter (joined March 2016)

IMG_20151229_144755648I have always had a great interest and admiration for the Royal Family and their history, though my degree and masters is in computer science. I have worked as an IT consultant, and also as a teacher, and currently live in London, but have also resided in Zimbabwe, Portugal and Austria.

My hobbies are reading, cooking, basketball, spear fishing, travelling, and connecting to the world through social media.

Angelo’s articles

Daniel Devane – reporter
(joined August 2016)

IMG_0132I currently study Politics with International Relations at Aston University. I am very interested in current affairs and have a passion for our Monarchy and British history. World War II is a very interesting area of study for me.

I strongly believe that the United Kingdom benefits from Constitutional Monarchy, to protect the unwritten constitution that we have. I would class myself as a traditional person and I enjoy reading historical books. Furthermore, I enjoy flying as aviation is another passion of mine. I also enjoy to travel, especially when spending time in quintessential English villages.

Daniel’s articles

Joe Worthington – reporter (joined August 2016)

joeI have always been a Royalist, actively promoting monarchies around the world from a young age. My passion and support for the British Royal Family was cemented during my undergraduate degree in International Politics & Military History, during which I studied the consequences of states lacking the stability that monarchies bring.

My MA in Politics & International Relations of the Middle East, and an internship in the Overseas Territories Directorate at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, secured in my mind the importance of our Royal Family for strengthening Britain’s relationship with the outside world – particularly with her Territories and Crown Dependencies.

Joe’s articles

Marian Castro – reporter: (joined February 2017)

Dedicating myself to the management of social media has allowed me to understand just how deep the connection is between the public and the Royal Family, and is something that I am very interested strengthening as a Community Manager and true Monarchist: I want people around the world to express their support for the Royal Family.

Royals have always influenced my life in one way or another, and I have followed the life and evolution of Prince Harry closely. As such I have witnessed the epic events of our times, like the Royal Wedding of 2011, the London Olympics, The Queen’s Diamond and Sapphire Jubilees, and of course, how could we forget the birth of the youngest members of the Royal Family, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Marian’s articles

The History team:

[Victoria also writes history articles]

Ryan Hunter – History blogger (joined November 2015)

Crown Chronicles Photo 1 I enjoy all periods of history, but have always been particularly drawn to the study of great empires, from antiquity down to the modern age. My favourite period in British history is that of the early modern Stuart and Tudor dynasties.

At Stony Brook University, New York, I study European History with a focus on Classical Rome, Church history, and early modern Britain, Russia, and France. My reading of history has convinced me that Monarchy offers the least harmful, most effective, and ontologically highest form of governance known to humankind.

I love travelling, and have lived in Virginia, Washington, DC, and New York in the United States, and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. Aside from Royal history and keeping up with the latest Windsor news, I am a bibliophile, writer, and avid runner and swimmer.

Ryan’s articles

Former writers:

Megan – European reporter. Read her articles

Marcella – reporter. Read her articles.

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