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Wed 20th March, 2019
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Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday expressed his sympathy and support of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's request regarding paparazzi photos of their children. Mr Cameron was on BBC Breakfast when he made comments relating to the letter released by Kensington Palace. [caption id="attachment_1563" align="aligncenter" width="747"] David

Today The Queen led commemorations for VJ Day, the anniversary of the end of WWII, despite facing serious threats to her life from terrorists. [caption id="attachment_2978" align="aligncenter" width="606"] The Queen leaves the service at St.Martin-in-the-Fields to commemorate the 70th anniversary of V J Day. Picture by

New 'quadruple' portraits of The Queen, Camilla and Prince William have been released. Hugo Rittson-Thomas has taken the likenesses using mirrors for a new exhibition, entitled The Queen's People, to be shown at the Eleven Gallery in London. The Queen's People showcases photographs of members of the Royal