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Sat 20th July, 2019

The Tudors

A set of letters written by Elizabeth I and her courtiers about

We're pretty sure you have heard of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England.

Margaret Beaufort - an often overlooked and forgotten figure in English history

The BBC aired the first of its new series last night documenting

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, was the uncle of the Tudor

In the almost-1000 year history of the Monarchy, Elizabeth II is the 41st

A ring that is believed to have been gifted by Elizabeth I

Beneath the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich,

A woman who was certainly influential in early modern England, was Margaret

Nonsuch Palace was perhaps Henry VIII's greatest architectural achievement, and yet few

Perhaps one of the most famous naval victories in English history, and

Henry VIII's doomed warship, the Mary Rose sank in 1545, with hundreds

An appeal has been launched to save one of three surviving versions

A new study into what caused Henry VIII's abrupt change in behaviour

Continuing from part I of "The relationship of Elizabeth I & Mary

One of the five tiltyard towers of Henry VIII's jousting arena has

Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I’s letters to each other were

A panel of experts have re-examined the information regarding the death of Lord Darnely,

A poll of historical writers has named King Henry VIII as the