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Wed 17th October, 2018
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The stunning Cartier halo tiara, as worn by The Duchess of Cambridge

The brooch that is part of Queen Alexandra's wedding parure features three

The aquamarine clip brooches were a gift to Princess Elizabeth in 1944

It was thought that Queen Victoria's wedding coronet was set to leave

A ring that is believed to have been gifted by Elizabeth I

The Williamson Flower Brooch is a jonquil (daffodil-type) flower, featuring a pink

There were Royals aplenty at Milan Fashion Week, as Lady Amelia Windsor

This weekend, the new exhibition 'Diana: Her Fashion Story' will open at

This brooch features a central cabochon emerald surrounded by two circles of

This sapphire brooch features a large oblong sapphire surrounded by 12 diamonds.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have completed the third day of

The Culture Minister has temporarily banned Queen Victoria's wedding coronet from leaving

Seen as two of the most authoritative Monarchical symbols, the orb and

It is a fashion bonanza at the summer opening of Buckingham Palace

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her family have been the inspiration for

Happy birthday to The Duchess of Cambridge! While we don't know how

Christmas is over and the sales have begun, so grab yourself a

Depicting curved ears of wheat, these brooches, which total six, feature diamonds

[caption id="attachment_3444" align="alignleft" width="250"] The flame lily brooch from Rhodesia.[/caption] The Flame Lily

We saw The Duchess of Cambridge in another tiara this evening, as

It's the middle of December, and almost Christmas, so what better excuse

This trio of diamond brooches were originally part of a tiara, given

Featuring the national emblem of Wales, this gold and silver brooch was

This brooch takes the form of a maple leaf, the emblem of

The stunning Koh-i-Noor diamond could be stripped from the Crown Jewels and

The chrysanthemum brooch is in the form of such a flower. Deep