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Sun 22nd April, 2018

The Queen’s Jewellery: Jardine star brooch

The Jardine Star brooch is one of of a selection that The Queen is regularly seen wearing, and seems to be one of her favourites. It is in a star-like shape, featuring 8 diamond rays. These rays are separated by a single diamond. The centre of the star holds a diamond surrounded by seven smaller ones.

The name ‘Jardine’ comes from how Her Majesty came to acquire the piece: a Lady Jardine left the late-Victorian piece to her in 1981, though it is not exactly known which Lady Jardine it was, as there are a number of candidates, according to FHMJV.

As a simple diamond piece, you can see why The Queen wears it so often – versatile adding a little sparkle to any outfit. This is a quality she likes in many of her brooches, as you will see.

Photo: By Runner1928 (Own work (Runner1928)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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