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Mon 23rd April, 2018

More photos to celebrate The Queen & Prince Philip’s platinum anniversary

The final three photos of a new set have been released this evening, to mark The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s platinum wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Also taken in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, the three images are against a ‘platinum textured backdrop’; Matt Holyoak was the photographer.

As in the original image, The Queen and Prince Philip look towards the camera, in a formal pose, wearing the same white boucle dress and blue-grey trousers and checked jacket as before.

the queen and prince philip in new photos to mark their 70th wedding anniversary

As mentioned previously, the brooch Her Majesty wears was a piece given to her by Philip in 1966, created by jeweller, Andrew Grima.

The third image of the four-piece set shows The Queen seated in a golden gilded chair, with her husband standing to her side as he has done for 70 years now. Philip’s hand is in his pocket.

It appears someone cracked a joke, as both appear to be chuckling, making for a more casual image.

the queen and duke of edinburgh are the longest married monarch and consort in british history

Lastly, the pair’s gazes cross as they smile; this is a particularly lovely image of the 91- and 96-year-old. One can almost feel the love the couple have for one another.

Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, were married at Westminster Abbey on 20th November 1947; the ceremony was a spark of light in a glum post-war Britain.

The first photo, released yesterday, showed Elizabeth and Philip flanked by portraits of George III and Queen Caroline, who were married for 57 years – the second longest-married couple after Her Majesty and the Duke.

If you would like to send them a card or letter of congratulations, see our guidelines here.

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Embed from Getty Images

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