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Sat 21st April, 2018

Prince Charles’ Parachute Regiment visit reveals Harry is a skydiving Prince

It was revealed yesterday that Prince Harry has been skydiving with the British Army’s Red Devils display team, as Prince Charles visited the Colchester Barracks to mark 40 years since his appointment as Colonel-in-Chief of the Parachute Regiment.

Prince Charles visited The Parachute Regiment to celebrate 40 years as its Colonel-in-Chief; it was revealed Prince Harry is a natural parachuter. (Corporal Dek Traylor / MoD Crown)

As several members of the Paras display team showcased their skills, their commanding officer, Captain Joe Palmer, announced to the attendees that Harry has been skydiving with them.


The red-haired prince is known to enjoy a challenge, such as his polar trek, is said to be “a natural” at this new adrenaline-fuelled activity.

A Red Devils’ spokesman later confirmed that Harry first joined the team five years ago, and completed the same basic training “as everyone else”.  He also explained that Prince Harry quickly mastered skydiving’s two key elements, ‘freefall handling’ – when the person actually falls through the air – as well as managing the canopy, once the parachute has been opened.

Wearing tropical service dress and the classic red beret of the Paras, Prince Charles gave a speech discussing his own parachuting experience at the event.

Upon his appointment as Colonel-in Chief, The Prince of Wales was determined to complete the parachute course, claiming that otherwise he couldn’t “even dream of wearing the red beret”.  Charles also hinted that this was not an easy decision – setting the “cat among the proverbial pigeon”, as he said!


While at the barracks, Prince Charles watched a march-past of the Battalions before inspecting the parading troops – inlcuding the shetland mascot – and recognising some long-serving personnel.

The Prince of Wales also enjoyed lunch with the servicemen and women, and their families.

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