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Sat 21st April, 2018

New photo of Princess Charlotte ahead of her second birthday

An adorable new photo of Princess Charlotte has just been released, ahead of her second birthday tomorrow.

The image shows the toddler in a yellow knitted cardigan with blue sheep and her hair swept back, held in place by a blue hair clip.

A new photo of Princess Charlotte, taken by The Duchess of Cambridge (Kensington Palace)

She appears to be standing in a barn full of hay, about to read a book; the image was taken at Anmer Hall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Norfolk home, earlier this month.

The last time we saw the Princess was leaving Canada in October, which makes the photo all the more enjoyable, to see how the youngster is developing.

Her mother, Catherine, took the photo, as she has done with almost all of the images released of her children; she is a keen amateur photographer.

“TRH would like to thank everyone for the lovely messages they have received & hope that everyone enjoys this photograph as much as they do,” a tweet from Kensington Palace, following the image, read.

What do you think of the photo? Who does Princess Charlotte look like? 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte wave Canada goodbye in October 2016. (Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images)

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