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Sat 21st April, 2018

William gives Prince George’s cute Christmas list to Santa

Prince William gave Santa Prince George’s Christmas list today, during his trip to Finland.

The Duke of Cambridge was visiting a traditional Christmas Market at Helsinki’s Esplanade Parkwhen he met Father Christmas, and handed over his son’s hand-signed list.

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At the market, he pulled a small piece of paper from his suit jacket pocket and handed it over to the magic man from Laplan, saying: “I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter.”

The father-of-two, whose third child is expected in April 2018, thought because Prince George’s list ‘only had one request’ it would ‘be ok’ to give it to him.

“He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably ok,” Prince William laughed.

Prince George wrote just one thing on the list – a police car. He also signed his name in large letters at the bottom.

The four-year-old future King circled that he had been ‘nice’ on the paper, which his father confirmed: “He’s been a nice boy.” Santa nodded in response.

Prince William gave Prince George’s Christmas letter to santa whilst in finland (Splash news)

William is on a two-day trip to the Nordic nation, and began with some ice-hockey and meeting the President yesterday.

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  • Oh my, too cute! HRH must be very proud of his eldest… love that, a police car!