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Sun 22nd April, 2018

Halcyon Days’ trinket boxes celebrate Queen & Philip’s anniversary – win personalised box!

Royal Warrant holders, Halcyon Days, are celebrating The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th wedding anniversary with the release of two enamel trinket boxes featuring the couple’s photos.

The two enamel boxes feature the Richard Stone portraits of Her Majesty and Prince Philip from 1992 and 2002 come presented in a bespoke box to mark the platinum anniversary.

They are handmade pieces, lined with leather in a royal shade of red and measure 138mm x 117mm x 37mm. The pair is strictly limited edition, at just 70 pairs.

They cost £2,500 for the pair in the presentation box.

“All of our enamels are made and hand painted in England by quality craftsmen using traditional techniques who put love and care into every piece,” the company, which holds three Royal Warrants, explains.

Halcyon Days is also giving you the chance to win a personalised version of the trinket boxes, if you share your wedding anniversary with The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh!

One lucky couple will receive a handcrafted bespoke enamel box featuring their very own wedding photo (worth £795).

To take part in the competition, you must share a wedding anniversary with on 20th November. The length of time that you have been married is not important but you must supply proof that you were married on that day.

To enter, simply send your favourite wedding photograph, contact details and proof of your wedding date (a photo of your certificate will suffice) to the following addresses: katie.chase@halcyondays.co.uk

Or by post: Katie Chase, Halcyon Days, 251 Brompton Road, SW3 2EP.

Alternatively you can deliver them to the Halcyon Days shop at the Royal Exchange. The winner will be chosen at random on 20th November and their chosen wedding photo will be painted onto a bespoke box.



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  • They are a wonderful couple and this is a very fitting tribute from Halcyon Days. I wish I had been married on 20th November – a brilliant competition idea. They would highly approve of the craftsmanship which has gone into these boxes.

  • I hadn’t bought anything from Halcyon Days for years. Just pottered over to their website – they now do fabulous jewellery. Definitely worth a visit! Her Majesty and His Royal Highness are a wonderful couple and this is a very fitting tribute from Halcyon Days. I wish I had been married on 20th November – a brilliant competition idea.